Quality Management

In quality, we make no compromises. Our computerized system ensures quality in all production phases precise and reliable processes. All steps must be carefully monitored, controlled and documented by us.
For good reason, our company is certified according to high standards of ISO TS16949:2009. Perfection made in Germany – that’s the advantage we offer for global competition. Take advantage of our growing expertise. For the sake of your success!


Quality Services – available by group of companies


SEM and CT technology
State of the art scanning electron microscope JEOL JSM-6010LV with preparation equipment „Cross section polisher“
Werth CT Scanner type TomoScope 200 -190.

Environmental Simulation
Climatic test chamber from the house – CTS
Salt spray test
Simulation of UV exposure

ZWT location


Microscopy / Spectroscopy / Coating Thickness Measurement
Light microscopes – Zeiss and Keyence
NFIR – Bruker
Radio spectroscopy -SPECTRO Analytical Instruments
GmbH Coating thickness gauge based on X-ray fluorescence analysis -Fischer

Rapid prototypes based on selective laser sintering
EOS – Formiga P100